World of warcraft problem, help wanted

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Found 27th Jan 2011
Ive only just started playing this game on a free trial.

I was playing for a bit and then when I went back on there I cant see my character as I'm walking around, like he's invisible?

Anybody had this or have I pressed something to make this happen?

Any help appreciated?


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looks like nobody knows

Log off and reopen again, I suspect that might solve it..?

Also, where do you get free trials from and how long does it last?

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tried that once and it didnt work?

i just searched world of warcraft on yahoo and it was on there 10 day free trial.

sounds like your viewing as your looking through your characters eyes...try using your mouse scroll backwards??


Somtimes mine does that, it can take a while to load.

if not using mouse...home button zooms in...end button zooms out

or esc - menu- select interface - camera - settings

is everything gray?

yeah are you a ghost?

if you died in the game , u mite be a ghost , what level are you ? , think u can resporn straight away if you are lvl 10 and under , been a long time since i played tho


also type /reload to refresh it, occasionally il be invisible for about 15 seconds whilst loads.

log out then back in normally works too.
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