World Series by Renault

    Whos going?

    I'm going on saturday - I cant make sunday


    My hubby and daughters boyfriend are going on the Saturday.

    saturday and sunday is the plan. plus I have monday off in case I end up in the middle of a majical adventure!

    beers + cars + hoping for a hotel (but have a tent for backup) = good times

    I'll be there tOmm.

    Might have a spare ticket, will know tomorrow.

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    Yeah i think im going at about 11ish saturday, then getting back for the england match.

    No idea what time getting there, when I can be arsed to get out of bed I suppose!

    I think alot of people will be off early to watch the footie, so park near the edge so you can get out.

    I will be there on saturday, don't know about sunday.

    So seems like nobody going sunday then.

    I'll have to drink your share of the beer then!:thumbsup:

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    Oh oh i'll go for that! :giggle:

    We're going up on Sunday!

    im going on sunday - as its the better day

    hope its good - ive been donny before for BTCC.

    im looking forward to it

    also im after 4 tickets for a friend

    can anyone help


    also im after 4 tickets for a friendcan anyone help

    I got an email telling me tickets are available for when you get there still, but there isn't enough time to process the tickets and send them by post now. so you have to turn up and hope they are telling the truth!

    they applied for them -but they didnt get them in post

    I am taking my sister and all the kids on saturday, we were going to stay but everywhere is booked up.
    I may go back on sunday don't know yet..

    Still don't know whether to go.....

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    You should (Y)

    Saturday for me too! You'll know who i am by the kids screaming "Dad i'm bored" I swear i could take them to disneyland and still get the same "Dad im bored!" (well the little one won't he'll just be saying dink, dink - his way of saying drink).
    Hoping for a good day and to get loads of pictures give my new camera from a hukd deal a try out too!

    Only 5 hours too go!!!

    still don't know- and its a 2 hour drive away!

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    We went, got to junction 25 and there was an 8mile gridlock [around11am] so we turned around and went bowling :}

    I'm only going tomorrow, as everybody who I was going with dropped out. So now it's turned to a family day out.

    Back just in time for footie.:thumbsup:

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    Gavin, any idea why there was gridlock/tailbacks?/

    We decided to go to tenpin near showcase instead

    I'm going tmrw.

    Luckily, my girlfriends cousin drives for renault so we are in luck.

    We are getting picked up and chauffer driven in an BMW X5 Alpina to Donnington, then on the golf buggies with VIP passes to the pit lanes, garages and all the behind the scenes stuff.

    We are going at 7.30am and would recommend to anyone who is going tmrw to go very early, otherwise you will get stuck in traffic.

    Have fun tmrw's a great day / wknd out.

    we got back about 6pm, we all had a brill day and the kids were well behaved(well for them). we got there at 9.30 this morning and didn't get stuck in any traffic either way.
    Don't know if we are going tomorrow yet i may have a lie in.


    Gavin, any idea why there was gridlock/tailbacks?/We decided to go to … Gavin, any idea why there was gridlock/tailbacks?/We decided to go to tenpin near showcase instead

    Just volume of traffic all going into one lane to get in.

    They are putting in a one way system for tomorrow so should be alot better. We hope!

    Good day (well half) but after 4 hours sleep and a big hangover them cars were LOUD!

    Anyway bring on the cars and beer tomorrow.:thumbsup:

    Whats parking like anyone???? thanks....

    We should make banners 'HOTUKDEALS' & have a meet up point! LMAO!!!

    Was the traffic bad to get in there today? We're going tomorrow, only live bout half hour away so we will leave at 10, miss the first couple of races.

    lot's of parking when you get there.

    I suggest an early start so you dont get stuck in the traffic.

    How many of the free radios did everybody get? We got 8!

    Free radios?? I want free radios!!!!!!

    radios are so 1980


    Free radios?? I want free radios!!!!!!

    They was just the sort you get from poundshop with autoscan with renault branding on but you could use them to listen into the race commentaries while there. Traffic in was a nightmare almost an hour in the jams! Good once in, Prices for burgers where £3 quarter pounder so not too high, but with seven of us it paid to take our own grub, plenty of food stalls all charging same price and loads of toilets to go round too.
    All in all a good day had by all, word of advice though if you have young 'uns take them some ear protection THEY ARE LOUD!! (the cars not the kids!)


    radios are so 1980

    Well just use the 2 AAA batteries for somthing else.:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    But if they're free...


    word of advice though if you have young 'uns take them some ear … word of advice though if you have young 'uns take them some ear protection THEY ARE LOUD!! (the cars not the kids!)




    Thats why i said kids! I love loud music but kids ears are more sensitive with the youngest being 18months and the oldest 6 their ears are more fragile! Renault where actually handing out ear plugs for the nippers, you just cant imagine how loud the engines are in the formula series cars uyntil you are up that close to trackside!

    we went satuday took a hour just to get from a50 stayed in qhotel at trowell 15 minuetes away so lush but on sat nav it took 15 to get to race track sunday morning all 3 lane on m1 was blocked took 1 hour and 15 mins to get to m1 exit so we went to lincoln instread but good

    went yesterday and today - favourite spot at bottom of Craner Curves. Listening to the F1 car firing up in the pits when we were across the other side of the circuit gave me goosebumps :-D , what a noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but excellent fun all round. didnt have too much probs with traffic either.

    even getting out was a laugh with the parking marshalls turning back the cheeky wotsits charging across the field to butt in the queue :w00t:

    arghh... how bad was the traffic.... got off m1 at 9.15 (probably about 5 mile to go.....) finally got into grounds about 12 o clock - 2 1/2 hours to drive around 5 miles. Nightmare - but once in - enjoyed it - very busy though.....

    I only live 20 min away(normally) took 45 min to get in and 2.5 hours to get home! On the way out people were just pushing in the queue and before you could blink it was a whole new queue behind them!

    Played nice for about 20 min then just started pushing in like everybody else.

    Big thanks to the old bloke in the red clio that let me in.
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