World smallest... Desktop PC!


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Hmm, you would be hard pressed to fit a decent graphics card in that case lol

On a serious note though, that thing is barely bigger than a rubik's cube, very clever design.

$850 = £535.47

Nice idea, i'd have one.

Not the smallest price tag though..

£500 flip me.

Hard drives external as well?
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Looks like it will be yeah. make a good entertainment PC. Can't wait for 2014-2016. Look into the Memristor.

wicked post dude

That's not the smallest Desktop PC,Just wait until you have the iPhone 4 :-)


This is the worlds smallest desktop … This is the worlds smallest desktop

If ARM based systems are or not classed as pc's is one matter.
I don't think the world smallest desktop is that small, pico-itx has been around for years and is smaller.
Many would argue that none of these are pc's as the don't have storage on board and are indeed just terminals.
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