World's Biggest Burger

World's biggest burger weighs 13 stone!

The enormous meal sells for 499 dollars (£302) at Mallie's Sports Grill and Bar in Southgate, Michigan, USA.

Restaurant owner Steve Mallie said it took eight hours to bake the bun big enough to hold the 185lb (84kg) burger....


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looks like a giant cake with bannanas in it...

What no chips? :whistling: :lol:

What's for dessert?

Also what's with the hundreds of tiny slices of cheese? surely if they can construct a gigantic burger and buns, they can create a huge slice of cheese
I would want a refund because of that


what a waste.......

Can i have extra fries with that.

It would be funny to go into the restaurant and order that, and when you receive it say "Oh damn, i wanted a plain burger, can i have a new one?"


No wonder all or most of the americans are obese......

13 stone????!!!!!.....1.5 stone more and it weighs as much as me...

How much to "supersize" it though?

It weighs almost twice as me.:w00t:


How much to "supersize" it though?

Well, this is only the "kiddie portion"

How does one eat something like this? it's far too big


who wants to eat a manky burger like that anyway......

gotta be cold by the time he got it all together and whats the meat like right in the middle?

waste of time and money other than a marketing excercise

edit:damn our pound is low atm.....1.09 euros......crap


Well, this is only the "kiddie portion"

What the hell would the free toy be like?? :w00t::w00t:
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