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Are we all now free loading parasites who will go the extra mile to ensure we are compensated for any little thing..

From false whiplash claims, Amazon late delivery compensation and all the other posts I see on here..

I see so many posts of HUKD members really wanting blood or being told to make what I see as unreasonable demands.. Just to get something for free or avoid paying return costs..

I'm all for finding a bargain but really do feel like this place now has just attracted the wrong people.. both posting and answering.

Am I wrong? Does anyone else feel this way with the posts they see?


Yes, It's ridiculous.

There is a line between genuine and milking it and 99.9% are milking it for every penny. I would much rather the genuine people get fair compensation.

In the end it's either the taxpayer paying or the consumer when they have to put there prices up etc.. Sometimes these companies are put out of business etc..

What's wrong with getting compensation for late delivery from Amazon? They sell you a service for a price. If they don't provide it, compensation makes sense.

In fact, when it's happened to me (about 6 times now I think) I've never had to ask for compensation, they just offer it.

False whiplash claims are something else though.

Original Poster

​My examples were just examples.. Asking on here should I claim and what should I expect to get are just perpetuating the problem.

Anyone saying "don't it's immoral" or "let it ride" are in the minority. I fully understand paying for a service and getting value for money.

My point is that everyone now thinks it's acceptable to EXPECT it.. (Compensation)
It was usually a sorry and we will investigate..

Now it's tweet them, Facebook them email the ceo.. all because of a really minor issues.

If I was really fed up of Amazon or any other provider not delivering on time I would cancel..

I can't imagine every failed delivery they are the ones contacting people first to offer compensation..

More like every time they get a complaint they then offer compensation..
So whilst not saying I want compensation, you are complaining. To which I can only presume the default reply is an extra month free.

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