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Posted 7th Mar

I was wondering if anyone could recommend me any good websites to take out worldwide travel insurance? I’m under 25 with no underlying medical conditions so that should help. Any information would be appreciated!

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try moneysavingexperts site

They normally have really good information
Or just get some quotes from it's simple to see which policy will suit you best
niffer107/03/2020 20:59

try moneysavingexperts siteThey normally have really good information

Another vote for MSE following their suggestions has saved me a fortune on insurance over the years, one tip is to look at an annual policy as they can cost a lot less than multiple single trip policies and often give better cover
Travel.supermarket, via quidco 20% cashback my son is your age and just cost him £14 for the year
Compare levels of cover before deciding what is cheap. When my father died, we had a refund on the unused portion of the holiday. Others travelling with us got nothing.

LV includes pandemic cover. So do some others. Most and I do mean most, do not

there is cheap and then there is good value
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