Worried about the plasma I bought

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Found 19th Nov 2007
Was supposed to be collected Wednesday, I emailed asking for tracking details, got an email Thursday saying they never arrived, sent an email again that evening to be told they never arrived again(and again I asked for tracking number when they do arrive) got message friday saying they arrived, but they never sent me the tracking number, I messaged back asking for tracking number,

Its not Monday evening and no emails, and no plasma.


you say friday should come tomorrrow the latest then as saturday is more expensive.

I had to read this about 10 times to understand it! lol

So basically, you have emailed these people for the past few days requesting a tracking number for delivery of your plasma. Each time you have rung, they say the delivery guys never turned up to pick up the TV to deliver for you, so therefore unable to supply you with tracking number...on Friday, the delivery guys turned up to pick up the TV for delivery to you, so your TV is on the way, but they didn't give you a tracking number..what would i do? I would get in contact with them again! :thumbsup: Email with a phone number they can ring you on!

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I bought it from a seller on here, who isnt replying to my messages apart from once a day(though not since Friday) who claimed DHL never turned up for 2 days then they did and has not given me a tracking number despite several pm's

Wasn't it priced at £150 or something for a 42" plasma?

Why not ring him/her? Surely you got their details? :thinking:

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Ooh yeah I did.
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