worried and annoyed at barclaycard

    I had a £2000 balance on my monument card but paid it off in full last month, its gone through on my statement BUT Barclaycard has taken them over, I got my new card today so phoned to see what they offered on balance transfers but I was horrified to find they were saying my balance was £2000!!! I told them that id paid it off and they kept passing me back and forth, i phoned 4 numbers spent an hour on the phone and got no where, theyve told me to phone back in a few days while they look into it. I got no "sorry madam there must have been a mistake" NOTHING. Im worried stiff as its a lot of money, what would you do? I certainly dont want to wait " a few days" im worried sick. Any ideas? thanks. (Ive posted this on another site asking for advice but no ones offered any, and I cant sleep so thought id post on here as members seem more clued up and maybe can offer some advice and support, thanks)………360


    do u have any proof that you paid it? surely that would be sufficient enough for you to sleep better?

    It ain't over yet, Monument have been taken over by some other poxy company from next month I believe.
    Monument started of as Providian (sp) years ago, they were a bag of manure then and even worse when they became Monument and then part of Barclaycard.
    I've still got my Card but I've not used it in years.

    If you have a Bank statement to confirm payment why don't you fax it to them? I hope you get it sorted soon, good luck.

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    I never thought of that (and they never asked) but yes of course I could fax it to them, trouble was they said they couldnt access my account so couldnt tell me if someone had used it for £2000 or what, I thnk its more likely theyve got their wires crossed when changing over, but i wish now i hadnt paid it off and waited till theyd changed over but you dont expect them to mess up do you? Im going to write and complain as they should be able to sort it quicker than a few days, surely all barclaycard have to do is phone monument, but i suppose thats too easy! As soon as its sorted im getting rid of the barclaycard as their customer service stinks!
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