Worst Films Ever Sat Through (Not Turned Off)

Found 5th Oct 2009
Whats the worst films you've ever sat all the way through to the end credits?
I ask because someone posted a deal for "Lesbian Vampire Killers" which I had the missfortune to sit all the way through (thank god I got it through my Lovefilm account and didn't go to the cinema as my girlfriend wanted me to).
My top ten (mostly new films as they linger longer in my memory) in no particular order, their all rubbish.

1. Basketcase (made for 50p, then managed to get a quid together and made a 2 & 3!!!).
2. The Fisher King (I just didn't get it).
3. Harlem Nights (Richard Pryor & Eddie Murphy, 2 great comics who were not funny together).
4. Jaws 3 & 4 (3 was in 3D and made the plastic sharks look even more plastic and all I can say about 4 is what Michael Caine said when Micheal Parkinson asked why he did it "Simple, they rang me up and offered me a million quid to do it").
5. The Pink Panther - New Version (I like Steve Martin but Peter Sellers will always be Inspector Clouseau, I think a 7 year old would say the film was childish)
6. Hudson Hawk (Bruce must have done it for the money).
7. The Shining (last 10 mins were best - credits).
8. The Mummy 3 (The first 2 movies were great then 3 came along, different wife, son looked too old, story had no fluidity, jumped from scene to scene).
9. Gigantic (got free cinema tickets - they should have paid me).
10. Lesbian Vampire Killers (of course).

Tell me yours, maybe I'll remember some I missed, or some I'm glad I missed.


To be honest ...... Casino Royale .... I was hoping that it would get better, but then the credits came up

Shark In Venice.

Got Megashark vs Megasquid coming from lovefilm so that might be added soon. :thumbsup:

Meet Joe Black what a waste of time.

The Others.


the nines with ryan reynolds was on the other day, was very bad film probs cos it was confusing

im gonna get slated for this......lord of the rings, the second one never watched the others and after that never will

disaster movie

boat trip.. in fact any of the '... trip' movies.
although ive only made it all the way through boat trip

also one missed call... what a load of tripe.

dorian gray



Thats one that divides opinions, to me it was one of the best that year.

Anything made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the spartans etc)
Superbad (awful, awful film)

I'll add to this list! :P

Mars attacks - kept waiting for a funny bit but there wasn't one - strange, as it was supposed to be a comedy.

I cant believe someone has dissed superbad!

The avengers movie!

Antichrist - I think it's just gone off the pictures and lucky for me I didn't have to pay to sit through it. There's no story, acting was unbelievable and it seemed to go on forever without telling you anything!! Scenes of "real sex" and pretty sick torture.

Adventureland - From the studio that brought us Superbad (which was a great films), Adventureland is a shockingly boring film and is soooo predictable!!

didn't we do all this few weeks back?


Thats one that divides opinions, to me it was one of the best that year.

same i loved cloverfield

let the right one in


Anything made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Epic Movie, Disaster … Anything made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the spartans etc)Superbad (awful, awful film)I'll add to this list! :P

superbad, you mad? that film was awesome.

Norbit......makes me cringe just thinking about it!


superbad, you mad? that film was awesome.

Superbad was bad as in bad

Harry potter and the half blood prince - terrible film.


the wizard of speed and time

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

So far, for stuff seen at the cinema in 2009 - that award jointly goes to:

Paul Blart Mall Cop
The Spirit

Closely followed by:
Year One

zomg! i loved superbad... that cant be on the list.

open water


superbad, you mad? that film was awesome.

Superbad was absolutely awful, I don't find listening to people that have to swear in every sentance throughout the entire movie.

Acid House - wtf was that all about

Clockwork Orange - worst film I have EVER seen

Loch Ness utter tripe lol

me, you and dupree


Harry potter and the half blood prince - terrible film.

Boring, uneventful, dull film, agreed. Was very disappointed.

The hitcher i thought was particularly terrible

Mod & Ed

anaconda 3 with david hasselhoff and shark in venice

The Perfect Storm.
Screen went black at one point and i stood up to leave...
then it came back on:oops:
i couldve cried when i realised there was another hour to go

Twighlight. Any vampire film where the best bit is vampires playing baseball in the woods is a pile of monkey ball spew

27 Dresses - and that was the missus' choice. I knew it would be bad.

Can't believe the OP mentioned The Shining. I'm shocked!


Disaster movie - seriously it is that bad, title gives it away. There is not one second of that film that even made me smile


clockwork orange is a masterpiece

It's utter ***** lol, I walked out of the cinema when I went to see this !!


I cant believe someone has dissed superbad!The avengers movie!

I loved Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall etc. Absolutely hated Superbad.

Worst film at the cinema, probably Zodiac.

Worst at home, Shoot 'Em Up - I watched it last night, it was terrible, only reason I made it to the credits was that I was hammered, no other explanation I can give....

oooo, troy is the only film tht i walked out on but to answer the OP the ones that spring to mind are

vannila sky, just confused me :lol:
the hulk, god awful movie, **** knows why i have it on dvd lol
Twilight, the books were ****, the fil was worse

'No Country For Old Men'; I actually sat through it twice as I thought I must have missed something first time as it won so many awards. But no, it was just as bad second time.
And 'The Big Lebowsky' came in a close second.
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