Worst In Store Sale Experiences?

What are your worst in store sale experiences?

I am just asking because I was in M&S during my lunch break today and was looking through the sale items that they had on final reduction. Most of the people doing the same were old ladies and a couple of middle aged women but as the sale items were in a corner, there wasn't much space but still no excuse for the following behaviour.

I was pushed and shoved out of the way by a middle aged woman desperate to get to something - she even swore at me under her breath! Not talking gentle pushing either, she nearly knocked me over!

Whilst looking through the rails old women repeatly pushed the clothes back on the rail so they could look at what was on the front, despite them seeing that I was looking at something at the back - I hate when people do that.

One middle aged woman grabbed hold of the bottom of a skirt which I had picked up and loudly declared that she had seen it first and wanted it - I told her to bugger off to which she started yelling at me. I told her to grow up and walked off, with my skirt!

I am really shocked, I mean this wasn't the first day of the sale - it was the last few bits and pieces and still these women acted like animals!

Anyone had an experience like this?


One of my memories is climbing onto buses as a child with my cello in tow on the way to school. How many times I got dug in the ribs or where-ever just for existing... Musta been the same people!!

My lunchtime today was fun too. I went into the Halifax to try and open an account for my daughter.. omg.. those people are sharks!!!! Three times now they've sent me away with yet more bs...

i think I'm gonna try the HSBC!

I used to be amazed when my boys were little at how people (mainly women old enough to know better) would barge past them pushing them out of the way!! I being shy and retiring informed them that this was not nice, and then asked them if they would like it!! I am not talking on the odd occasion either, as my boys got older i took to saying very loudly 'did they just walk in to you, did they say sorry, well they are very rude then because they should say sorry however both my boys are now "TEENAGERS which means they are now avoided because they could mug these women now (of course they wouldn't cause they would have me to deal with ha ha) Some people just have nobloody manners.... and don't get me started on motorists that don't say thank you when you let them pull out etc...
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