worst lonely hearts ad ever!

    link in next post

    oh my...look at this guy!


    Sooo, you don't think i'll find anyone then?

    Pluto was a planet maybe but Uranus.

    Seen this on a few sites. funny mock up.


    Sooo, you don't think i'll find anyone then?:p


    So mate is yours better than this one? :whistling:

    how u get ace's profile?

    Original Poster

    lol Borolad, nice pic

    Don't you think that's a Liddle 'Ol Mean to mock others misfortune?

    that has to be a joke! He wants a woman of " no more than 115 pounds", as she must have " some meat on" her.

    I think it's a set up.

    ...not to mention all the other bs in the blurb.
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