Worth buying a Samsung 40" LED with £150 cashback for £900?

    Im thinking of getting a Samsung 40" LED with £150 cash back UE40B702/UE40B7000 so would cost £1050 - £150 = £900. Not too sure if I should wait until after Christmas when the prices should go down. Good reviews to make me want to buy it as soon as I can to experience it for myself. But would wait and buy it at a reasonable price. Thanks


    I think you should wait for the Christmas sales, the tv's are always going cheap after Christmas

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    Thanks. Thats what I thought hope its at least £150 cheaper though. lol

    You've got to make your mind up before Saturday if you want the cashback so best get thinking!

    I'm sat looking at my shiny new 46" now and I can say you won't regret it

    I'm not saying this will definately happen but having watched the sales for a few years I have found that the sales after Christmas don't seem to offer anything better than many pre-Christmas deals around November time. The exception of course is there will always be bits they want to sell off, and a few limited stock bargains, but often prices are the same as previous deals. However there is no doubt many tv's are coming down in price anyway.
    Incidentally I'm not sure we have a credit crunch. I was amazed on Sunday in our local shopping retail park. It was absolutely packed, queing cars nose to bumper, and so many people seemed to be buying massive widescreen tv's or preparing to buy. (shame the actual tv programming is so much rubbish) I wasn't convinced we are in recession.

    Quid Co - 8% (First)

    Additions Direct - 15%…thi

    Then Samsung ECO Cashback £150

    Tv is £1,199 in Additions but comes down to under £800 over all.

    Its well worth it mine came last Friday.
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