worth buying an ipad 2

    Hi I have been offered a new iPad 2. Is it worth buying for £100? What will I not be able to do on it as it won't have the latest IOS I believe?


    In my opinion no it's not worth it. Apple no longer supports it.

    What do you want it to do? It's better to think about why you want one and what you want it to accomplish. Otherwise you're only going to read what the upgrades COULD do and possibly fall into the trap of getting those because it sounds desirable. If you have a list of things you want it to accomplish and be capable of, and it fulfils them, then it's good for you (taking into account possible future requirements).

    if you looking for a tablet I say get a android tablet


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    Thanks all. X

    I'd say no too to be honest.. I bought one off a friend of a friend about a year ago for £50 and bought it purely because is was so cheap but it's slow and most apps these days are just too advanced so you won't be able to download them..

    The screen isn't HD either.. the first HD screen was on the iPad 3 (which was my first iPad) ipad 3 was quickly discontinued because of the new lightning connection on the iPhone 5, iPad 4 was basically iPad 3 with a lightning connection and then came the air range etc

    Get something newer or get a phone with same capabilities.. for the 2 birds one stone thing

    How do you still get ipads new ? Is it new old stock where it has been left in a warehouse somewhere ?

    Just make sure it's not an ipad pro 2 before you turn it down, pretty sure it's not but these things happen sometimes

    We're assuming it's the original 2 by the way, if it's an Air 2 then your friend is giving you a good deal then it's absolutely worth it.

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    Defo an iPad 2. Going to give it a miss. Thanks for all your comments. Xx
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