Worth getting a high capacity battery for HTC Hero?

Found 25th Aug 2010
I've got a T-Mobile G2 (aka HTC Hero), the battery life is OK, but could be better I think, so I'm thinking of getting a battery from ebay that is 2600mah instead of my standard 1350. I'm not an expert on these things, but is it fair to say I'm going to get roughly double the capacity and battery life out of this, or is it not that simple?
The 2600 one seems like a monster and comes with a new back to the phone to accommodate it, but £10 doesn't seem too much really.
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Yes, it should be about double. It does incorporate a new phone back and, if it's like my mate's does fit perfectly and makes the phone pretty fat.

Download an app called "Juice Defender" before you spend your money. In my experience, the G2 battery life is more than adequate but usage is very subjective.
every single battery from ebay all the non-oem (not original) batteries i have ever bought have not lasted and wern't worth the £ or frustration. They also start to die after a few months

theres also the risk of fire. Stick to(admittedly more expensive) genuine originals and not fakes or non-oem

yeah in theory a double capacity will give about 30% extra ,
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