Worth installing Linux as "Other OS" on PS3?

Yes I know this function has been removed, but have just won (on the bay) a faulty PS3 with the other OS function intact. The fault is it will not read PS3 games or Blu Ray - so I am either going to use it as a media player or a media player and games machine (where the games are from PSN)

So obviously if I install linux I will lose all the functionality as a games machine as you cannot connect to PSN. I presume there is no workaround to get your existing PSN games onto a linux system

Can I navigate round linux (am thinking of YDL 6.0 or 6.1) with a controller. Is it simple? Would be happy with the PSN X media bar if the compatibility of files was a bit better...

Would I be better off installing a larger HDD direct to the console (160gb to replace 40gb) or running the 160gb as a usb drive and keeping the stock 40gb drive

And overall - is it worth it?? What can the PS3 do under linux (apart from better codecs and emulators) that it can't under sony OS?

And - slightly off topic - what is the likelyhood of major games being available as a download at a reasonable price?


Its choose one or the other honestly. I believe it will be a better media player with Linux installed since you can get stuff like VLC that plays more formats than the Sony codec system and of course emulators.

But it just means sacrificing at least temporarily online functions, there is workarounds that work but they are constantly blocked by Sony.

If you have another PS3 just use this one for Linux and emulation.

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Would I be able to use a workaround once and DL all my existing games to that console? Do any psn games require 3.21 or higher to run?

Thanks for your advice, am leaning that way anyway I think, as I paid a premium for the os functionality. Just want something to mess with really, might have to ditch my eken 001 android pad to pay for the ps3 though ( and pacify the missus lol)
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