Worthwhile selling PS2 games?

Ive got a few PS2 games I dont play anymore and am looking to raise some funds

is there much demand on ebay for PS2 games anymore?

Is it worthwhile after the fees?



It depends what they are really....some of the rarer ones fetch quite a bit of money, but a lot only go for £1 - £2 each

I had 10 PS2 games i wanted to get rid of a few months ago, and after looking on Ebay i found it wasn't worth it.

I ended up taking them to a computer stall on my local market and got £26 for them all, which compared to what i'd have got for them on Ebay was a lot better.


I had a mixture of games, some newer and some a bit older.


You can list what you got here. I might be interested. probably pay around a fiver for normal games. probably a tenner for rarer ones. the super rare might e-bay (, don't know which).
Sports (,yearly update) games (like fifa. pes, wwe etc), your better of using them as coasters, they be worth less then a 50p, (maybe more if they or only a year old).

hmm what games are considered to be rare?


hmm what games are considered to be rare?

Res and Wild Arms 5 are for the PS2 not to sure about any others

I think the original ICO is considered rare.

Also to the OP, newer (by date) games can be treated as over tenner games.
If you want to check second had retail site, you can get a good idea of the value. Just remember the price you offer will always have to be lower (as retail site have added services like returns and ease of complaints precedures).
You job as a seller is to sell at a higher price than the trade-in price offered by retail sites (, otherwise you might as well just sell to them), but to keep is lower than the second hand market price and then some (so the buyer doesn't go the them for reliabilty).

Final note, the prices given by retail sites aren't always accurate so it might be best to do some extra homework.

you can get a reasonably good idea of their value by looking them up here cex.co.uk
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