Worthy upgrade? Intel i5 8400 to i5 9600?

Posted 25th Sep
Is it a worthy upgrade going from my current intel i5 8400 to a intel i5 9600 ? I mainly use my pc to process images on photoshop and lightroom or maybe a amd rizen cpu?
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neglibile gains going to 9600. Ryzen would be a good choice for photo editing especially the 2700x which can be had for a couple of hundred quid. Obviously factor in a motherboard with that too..
The i5 8400 is still a very good CPU, do you just fancy some new kit? Whats the rest of your rig like? Do you have a top end monitor?
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I would say no, you really want to look at an 8 core CPU such as the 8700 or 9700.

Ryzen might be better (2700x as mentioned above) but then you would need a new motherboard and possible RAM too.
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No. Get i7 if you really want to upgrade.
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