wots the name of this new gadget ?

    I was up visiting my friends the other night and they were showing wot they had got for crimbo n she showed this wee round ball thing and it asks you to think of "something "and it starts asking you questions and usually after around 20 questions it can usually guess the item that you were thinking of


    that would be called a teenager...

    yeah u get them from argos £9.99

    I think its called 20Q

    yup, its a 20Q or 20 questions.

    £8.49 in Tesco

    Bought one from Amazon for a present, the whole family would'nt leave it alone.…CP2

    Bought one from Amazon before Christmas for my nephew, to be fair it was a better price than it is now.
    It's brilliant.
    The whole family would'nt leave it alone

    You can play 20Q here:-


    Yeh, my littlun got one for xmas. It dissapeared from the "outlaws" house on Xmas day! Hmmmm. I wonder if I can ask it where it is!!!

    these things are great fun the day you get them, after that a bit boring.

    tried to out fox it with parachute and it got it!

    beat it with leaflet.
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