Posted 4th Oct 2020

I'll be getting a new TV in the next few months but I'm unsure as to what size screen to go for. Ultimately I'd like to go for 65 inch but I've been told by family members not to go for anything bigger than 50 inch due to my setup/home.

I've included an image of my current set up through the link below. You'll see my current TV (40 inch) is mounted where an old fire place used to be. My family are saying that whatever TV I go for, it should be within the edges of the fireplace. They say a TV that overhangs (goes past the edge) will look silly. Now if I go by what they say, the biggest screen I can fit is a 50inch (plus any bezels those TVs come with). A 65 inch will overhang. What do you guys think? Will it really look silly?

My viewing distance is 3 metres.

Thanks in advance.…Fd1
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