Would a SKY Q Hub improve my interweb speeds?

Found 4th Dec 2016
Howdy all

I have a regular sky hub and sky fibre unlimited which is rated at 38mb and 9.5mb, however im only getting 32mb/6mb in evening and during day i get lower speeds. Also when im on wireless on my phone its quite slow to load stuff or sometimes videos etc dont load at all, so i have to go to mobile 4g instead.

Would a sky q hub with its advanced features improve my speed and situation?

thanks as always people
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a router will not increase Internet speed or bandwidth. what it can do is better range, better performance while being access by many device at once etc. anyway even 20mb should be plenty to stream 1080p movie. is your wifi signal really bad?
That's about what I get for download/ upload on the same package. In a residential area I would have thought the speeds were throttled back in the evenings when more demand.
Sorry forgot to say that I don't have Q.
The packages are advertised as "up to" those speeds as very few people can get the advertised speed. Getting 32/38 is damn good, you should be happy with that.
Do some testing of the WiFi. Use different devices? Is the signal indicator low? Does performance improve nearer the router?
Download a WiFi analyser to see how congested the broadcast channel is.

Changing the channel may help with the WiFi issues but won't help with the download/upload speeds. As others have said possibly throttling during peak periods.
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