Would any Photoshop user be willing to make a banner/logo for my site?

Hi guys,

I know this is a real weird one, and I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I'm hoping to re-launch a little blog of mine soon, and need a new logo. I knocked the current one up shoddily in MS Paint, and I just don't have the knowledge to make a decent one myself in Photoshop or a similar program.

Nothing extremely fancy required at all, just something that doesn't look like, well, *I* did it. =P

I'm willing to offer a small fee to anyone willing to help. Just give me a PM and I'll fill you in on the details.

Thanks a lot. =)


Post the details here and you'll get more than one attempt without a doubt, then you can choose the best one.

Original Poster

Thanks Monkey. Here they are:

My current site is at wiifitchat.com, and I've spent the last month or so covering the launch of Wii Fit. Now that it's released worldwide, I want to change the focus to Balance Board-compatible games and am planning to re-name the site "Balance Board Blog"

I've already bought the balanceboardblog.com and hosting's sorted, so it's just a matter of getting a nice little logo/banner.

- Ideally I'd like it to incorporate a photo of the accessory:


- the words 'Balance Board Blog'

- and the slogan, 'step on up' (capitalised words or not on this, I'm not sure/fussed, whatever looks good).

The size of the WiiFitChat banner is 640 x 99 pixels, but anything that would look fine centred above the main body of text is fine (then I'll try and figure out how *to* actually centre it, ha).

The Continuum font is similar to that Nintendo use for Wii, but I don't mind if it is that or not:


As for colours, I'm not too fussy either, but blacks/greys/whites, the simple, stylish iPod, Nintendo Wii-esque stuff would be great.

I think that's all... sorry to have rambled. If anyone fancies giving it a go, then that's brilliant. If there's any questions, just respond below or give me a PM.

Thanks again. =)

Something like this?

Dimensions: 640x150

Not perfect but a start for development.

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Hey Magic_monkey.

Wow, yeah, something like that would be amazing. Maybe make the 'Balance Board Blog' title a bit more clearly visible?

But yeah, that is awesome, thanks... if you or anyone else has the time to submit alterations or any other designs, I'd be really grateful.

I'll do it tomorrow, it's late now.
Here's the photoshop file if anyone wants to mess with the image (1.5mb):


640 x 99 pixels

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For anyone looking at the site now, sorry it's such a mess... I downloaded and saved the template on Blogger, and now the option to upload it again has completely disappeared. =s I've had to resort to the ugly default one until i get it sorted.

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