Would anybody recommend TalkTalk

    Our contract is coming to end with BT on March 23rd and I am considering moving to talktalk.

    We currently pay £11.54 line rental and £15.99 broadband with BT, this would only be £18.48 total with TalkTalk.

    Should we go for it as a little wary giving up BT line



    yes they are great once everything is set up. was a bit of a pain at the start but worth it in the long run. been with them since they first started doing free BB

    If you have a family that uses the internet alot, from my advice AVOID like the plague.

    For a single user not doing too much internet-intensive activity i can imagine it would be ok though.


    if you dont use massive amounts of internet, then its a decent deal

    its still basically a BT line, so it will be just as reliable

    If i didnt use a lot of bandwith it would be my choice, my neighbour has talktalk, and apart from the cheap modem (which can be changed to something like a netgear) all is well

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    There's only the 2 of us, we currently only get 512kbs with BT but TalkTalk estimate 2megs. We just browse the internet and I play xbox online too

    That's what I've had for the last 18 months or so and I've never had any problems with them or the service at all :thumbsup:

    i know some people have had trouble with talk talk but i have been with them from the moment they started the free broadband (cant remember exactly how long) and i have found them to be very good, ive had 3 faults with the line, one to do with them and the others to do with the line coming into my house and both times they acted very promptly and also diverted, free of charge, all calls to my mobile.
    The broadband whilst not being the fastest preforms more than adequately.
    I would recommend based on my experiance.

    I had really awful customer service experience; you never speak to anyone who will take ownership of an issue. Mine was to do with direct debit and they couldn't resolve to take the money each month. Although the DD was set-up. I got threatening letters from their credit collection department for 12 months. I wouldn't recommend them for that reason.

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    Thanks for your help people, I'll see if BT can match and if not go for it I think

    I've been with them from the start and had afew problems with have always been sorted quickly.

    Try ringing their support line, if you you have a day or two to waste.

    Talk Talk do not Talk.:roll:

    Yes I would. They as good as any other budget broadband supplier and they nearly all have foreign call center support.

    If you do have issues use the talktalk members forums as they always take ownership of any issues and always get the problem sorted. Much better than the phone support.

    Been with them 2 years and cant fault it.


    I am getting rid of Talk Talk soon.

    I am angry that I am now paying £4 more because Tiscali has been bought out by them.

    Cheeky mares :x

    we have had no probs, the broadband support is good and free

    ive been a talktalk victim,,, never again,,,went back with bt and no problems,,,you get what you pay for i guess,,,


    avoid ... simples

    I think its good but as always with the big companies a few people have had a nightmare with them.

    If you fall into any problem their customer service line is free if ringing from a talktalk line.

    Just signed up to them over 20 days ago still waiting on a router etc. Customer service is shocking so far. Don't even know whats going on?

    Track orders never worked since I signed up. Con on making you spend money on the phone lines.

    Pointless thread as BT will offer you 7.99 broadband to make it aroound the same price.

    Speak to customer options, tell them you want 7.99 a month broadband and see the magic work

    £11.54 line rental
    £7.99 BB option1
    £19.53 inc VAT

    Talktalk is very hit and miss


    If you do have issues use the talktalk members forums as they always take … If you do have issues use the talktalk members forums as they always take ownership of any issues and always get the problem sorted. Much better than the phone support. .

    Great, use a Forum for BB Support.. :whistling:

    My BB isn't working so I need to use a forum, you couldn't make it up.

    My mum has been looking for a new deal and thought the Talk Talk price looked good - but after numerous phone calls, the price changing with every different advisor she spoke to, the deal changing each time and all of these were different to the deal online, she finally got put through to a chap in India who told her that all the sales people tell lies in order to make you sign up with them and that the only way to know for certain what deal you could get was to sign up and keep her fingers crossed !!!

    Needless to say she will now avoid them like the plague - if they can rundown their own staff like that to a potential customer then there's not much hope for decent customer service once you've signed your life away to them !

    You really couldnt have made it up but I just wish she'd recorded the conversations as we've spent all evening in fits of laughter at just how much of a shambles they are.

    Finally got through to there customer service (based in India) And they confirmed the router has been ordered, and my bb should be on by the 1st March, its already on, I know this as I checked it.
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