Would anyone help a novice put together her first computer?

Found 19th Nov 2009
Hi there not sure this is the right place but I'm looking for someone that could give me support and advice with locating parts and putting together my first computer.
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The best advice is not to even think about it unless you are friendly with someone who has put a few computers together before! In any case, you're unlikely to save more than a few £s and the possible stress involved really isn't worth it! I speak from long experience.

You'd probably be better off asking on here for the best deals on pre-built PCs. And that usually depends on exactly what you want to do with the PC.
I used to build them for friends and family but the hassle if a component fails, and you have to handle the returns, is a mare, and people think you are on constant call forever more when their pc's fail os suffer major slow down due to a virus or too much malware :whistling:

Having said that I would self build my own rather than settle for a shop build, as you can add your own spec as you want it. The first big hurdle is to make sure all the parts are compatible and google is your friend here, thats how I learned
many thanks for all your advice guys - will look on the diy forum first!
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