Would anyone like to buy a faulty presario A900 laptop ?

Just asking this to see if there is any interest before sticking it on here for sale.
I know the motherboard is at fault as I recieved an independant report,
if you thinks it's worth fixing please tell me and I'll sell it in the for sale section.
Maybe someone on here knows what there doing and could do it cheaply and fix the

thanks all, if there is any interest I'll pit up pictures etc etc in the correct section



Just asking this to see if there is any interest before sticking it on … Just asking this to see if there is any interest before sticking it on here for sale.

Please remember to report http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/custom_buttons/report.gif this thread to be MOD closed/locked & then wait a full 7 days before listing in FS/T. Also ensure that no sales are agreed or offers made in this MISC forum, thanks.

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Just seeing if anyone is interested

what are the specs?

You would need to buy a new mobo off ebay. I looked about recently as mine did the same thing its a common fault.

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I have no idea what ill be doing and I'm finding using my iPhone 3gs fine instead if the laptop.
Just seeing if anyone would be interested in spares or repair type thing



in what way is the mobo faulty?

I would probably be interested although it all boils down to price really.

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The guy that done the independant report said in the report that power was getting into the laptop but could only test it up to the motherboard. Any further and he would be going through the warranty screws. I was originally going to try back at going to HP but I really can't be bothered now.

Think it all comes down to whether or not you know how to change the mother board or want it for spares or repair.
What I'll do is I'll stick it on here for sale photos etc and we can all take it from there

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He didn't want to access through the warranty screws because I was originally gona send it back to Hp.
All I know is the report came back with a faulty motherboard

i ahve a presario, by hp. my wirless connection went on it after the 12month warranty. a neighbour found in a computer magazine it was a common fault and they were replacing them free of charge, sent mine off and a new motherboard was installed and received back a few days later.

Just checked E-Bay & MBs for this model are £100+. You may do better to split it for spares.

I'd be interested if the price were right :-) My Mum needs something newer & I could probably fix it up for her.

Where are you for collection? And/or what would you expect P&P to cost?


in what way is the mobo faulty?

Mobo just went dead. Its a fault in a circuit somewhere, but there will be no burn damage or any noticable problems. Good knowledge of electronics might be able to find the fualt. I got rid, my electronics is poor.

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I live beside Dundee and the postage would only be about £8-£10

by all means you can collect if you wanted to

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Ok I'm going to ask for this to be locked and then have to wait 7 days then list on here


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