Would Anyone Recommend A Philips Ambilight TV?

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Found 4th Jun 2008
I have been looking at getting a Phillips ambilight tv to go with a cinema kit im getting soon but would anyone recommend them?

whats your thoughts on them?



gimmicky and expensive.

yeah ive seen one. nothin special

Yes Yes & Yes, they create a much wider light 'picture' so rather than the TV image stopping at the screen border, it graduates over the wall to create a much larger impression, especially when your living room is in 'cinema mode'. It's also a lot easier on the eyes if you watch movies in near pitch dark.

Generally the folk that don't like them have only seen them in a shop, where it's hard to make a good impression under all the white light & close to other LCDs; the ambilight is boosted to it's shop mode setting & is (usually) configured wrong. You could try asking the shop assistant to kill some lights while you have a play if they have a home cinema room.

My flatmate thought it was a gimmick (bloody disco lights) & 'tolerated' it. Couple of weeks later I switched it off before he came in, he sat & watched for 5mins then asked what was wrong with the telly.

EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) that has watched a movie on mine, (I'd recommend No country for old men on blu-ray) has either loved it from the start, or by the end of the movie.

Not to mention philips' stellar freeview picture, & 1080p /100hz performance on the higher end sets.

Not that good for gaming tho, there's a lot of processing to create that fine image which creates controller lag. Hardcore gamers may want to try before buying.

Bottom line: Regardless how others think, if ambilight appeals to YOU from the get go, go with your gut instinct, you won't be disappointed, but be prepared to pay a bit more.

Personally I spent £200 more to get the model with the 3rd ambilight (along the top) rather than just the two sides, but after installing it I've no regrets whatsoever for the additional cost.
Ambilight adds something to just about all source material except for black & white

i don't think it's worth the extra money

definatly worth the extra in my opion mate
amazon are doing he 47" 1080p 100 hertz model
for £999.99
You Save:£625.96 (38%)
and after searching the web its selling for around £1550 and almost £2000
the model number is Philips 47PFL9632
which i have just ordered
and the 5 year warranty is only £124.99 as its between £500 to £1000
the picture quality is exellent and the ambilight
makes it look almost 3d

yes,without fail
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