Would GAME compete with CeX for selling to them games?

Posted 27th Oct
I have around 40 games to trade in (after putting them on local marketplace and no luck).

CeX are offering around double (both cash and store credit) to what GAME are offering on their websites.

if I went into GAME and asked them to compete is there a chance or just save time and go to CeX?
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GAME used to price-match +£1, but dropped that policy a long time ago now. Their trade-in prices might occasionally be better than those from CeX, but only rarely in my experience.
Unfortunately not, they have both computer and hard copy prices that they cross reference. Their trade in prices are fixed and even the Branch Managers have no discretion.
Just head to CEX.
Stick them on eBay
They used to match plus £1 so it was easy money matching cox plus £1 but they stopped a while back
Gumtree? I sell all my crap on there, always somebody wanting to buy your junk as it's their treasure
I always use cex or avforum classified for selling and buying now.

I used to use Game when they price match cex trade in plus a £1 but not I find most of their trade in prices to be alot less.
Thanks for the advice guys, I took them all into cex earlier and I told them how much game was offering and they was quite shocked at just how poor theyve become with stuff like that, said to me they used to have difficulty competing some time ago but now they have more trade in customers then ever before
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