would i be entitled to cancel my 3 contract?

    Hi i just got a leter from 3 today saying that they are going to change the way the calls are billed, 3 are now rounding up all calls that last under 1 minute to a whole minute. this means that if i make a call after the 11th of december for 1 second i will have to be billed for 1 minute.

    All help is appreciated, thanks.


    You'd have to tell them in writing that you wish to terminate your contract without penalty as they have changed their side of the contract and outline the reasons.

    I should imagine that it is applicable here.

    sounds a bit dodgy, i think you're within your rights to cancel your contract and of 3 wont take no for an answer, then you should try getting in touch with ofcom.

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    thanks fo rthe info i will certainly give it a shot
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