would i get 250 on here for my 60gb ps3?

    the one with the extra usb ports card readers plays ps2 and ps1 games
    it in mint condition and boxed also comes with a dualshock sony controller and i have upgraded the hardrive to a 320 gb
    it would also hcome with a gold plated hdmi cable
    and be delivered for that price


    /not too sure about £ but you can't list on here now untily ou close this and now have to wait for 7 days too

    If you do i will put mine up too

    Seems a bit high for me?. i dont own a ps3 or have any real knowledge of them but i thought slims were under 200 now? And if you put this in fs/ft now then it will get locked as this is classed as advertising this days.

    You'd Probably Get Around The £200.00 Mark.

    dont think so-in reality,no matter what mods you have done to it,its a second hand console-personally,I would buy new with a full warranty rather than pay 250 for a used one.

    Original Poster

    ok good point i would be happy to clear 200 after delivery

    Ricardo Kaka;7044385

    Nope..You'd Probably Get Around The £200.00 Mark.

    On a good day ^^^This.
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