Would intergrated graphics...

    as opposed to dedicated graphics, improve the battery life of a laptop? My bro is looking at the Studio XPS 13 for uni but battery life is about 2.5hours with dedicated graphics, would intergrated improve this? Im assuming intergrated graphics would do for FM?


    All laptops do have features (built into Windows I think) to change the power options so the CPU and other components do run slower to preserve battery life. So you may be able to set this and get more than the 2.5 hours.

    Also, some batteries I believe are 6 cell (as opposed to 4 cell) that have a longer battery life.

    Maybe look at getting a laptop with a 6 cell battery.

    yeh its more expensive normally but, if battery life is important invest in a 6 cell battery powered laptop. they tend to run upto 6 hours i believe.

    lots of variables, its hard to say
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