Would like costing and production for the following games

I am looking for facts and figures about the following games:

Batman Arkham Asylum
Res Evil 5
Assassins Creed 2

Things like:

Cost to make, marketing/advertising, how many sold and how much profilt the game made.

I have trawled google, and although i get a lot of info, none of it tells me figures.

Anyone know where to look?




wikipedia ? if not they probably dont share figures

Original Poster

tried and no info


why do you need it ?

Original Poster

a presentation for a course i am doing.

Dont you have access to info through your course?

Original Poster

er no, that's why i am asking for help here.

If this forum turns out fruitless, try asking on the PC Gamer forums, or try asking the development houses direct. Some dev houses are really good, like Valve, whose head Gabe Newell personally responds to lots of the emails people send him 'cos he's such a lovely fella. Ask around, you might be in luck.
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