Would o2 offer me a good contract?

    I've been with them as a pay as you go customers for years. If I rang them up would they give me a better deal of a simplicity sim because i've been with them so long, or do they only offer discounts to long term contract users?

    For example on the £15 a month simplicity sim, would they throw in web bolt on instead of unlimited o2 to o2 calls? Or even drop the contract price to maybe £10 a month.

    If not is there any good cashback deals with o2 at the moment?


    I did this with Orange because I did not want the hassle of changing numbers. They gave me a C902, 200 minutes talk and unlimited text for £12.50 over 18 months.
    I believe O2 will do something similar

    Sadly there are no discounts on simplicity tariffs. The only way to get discount is if you have a had a contract for a year or more, then when you upgrade ask to get through to the retensions department, have a bit of a moan and they can knock upto 40% off.

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    Well it doesn't have to be simplicity, I might just ring them up and ask what I want from a contract, 400/500 texts, 200/300 mins and web bolt on. Not sure what they'll give me, don't want to pay any more than £15 a month, £10 would be better.

    Does anyone know if any other networks offer similar to the above for that price so I can ask o2 to match the offer?

    They might show a bit of good will if you've been on pay as you go for a while. O2 are notorious for been hard to bargain with though.

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    Suppose I may aswell try. If not i'll just stay pay as you go and haven't lost anything.

    speak to people in retention!
    they always give good offers!

    your circumstance is slightly different! but just try!

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    speak to people in retention!

    Who are these people?


    Who are these people?

    Retensions is the department you normally get put through to when you want to cancel your contract, there aim is to try and retain your business, and to do this they can offer you discount.
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