Would Something Bad happen to the North Korean Team after the World Cup?

    The 7-0 thrashing by Portugal....
    What do you think the north korean football squad should do now ?

    Should they seek asylum status??




    They are prob prisoners, playing for their freedom

    Hope they seek asylum

    has anyone got footage of what coverage they actually show in North Korea?


    has anyone got footage of what coverage they actually show in North Korea?

    Be lucky to find even abit of information

    Couldn't believe the score when I saw it...
    Portugal 7 Korea -23...

    They could move here, every body else does! oops i just turned into my dad lol

    Original Poster

    Unless South Korea loses 8-0 or more, I think their fate is sealed

    I watched James Cordons show after the coverage on ITV finished today. They were saying that the players have to pretend to celebrate scoring a goal, even if they don't so they can show it back home.

    Near the beginning of the match when one of the players hit a shot from just outside the box which went passed the right hand post they showed you the guy turning away, and pretending to celebrate for a couple of seconds!

    4 North Korean players didnt turn up for the match against Brazil..and are suspected of seeking asylum
    ]Article here

    they were actually playing some decent football in the first half for at least 30 mins they were on par if not better than portugal at that time.


    Couldn't believe the score when I saw it...Portugal 7 Korea -23...

    lol :thumbsup:

    looks like if they dont go home wearing black bags
    they soon will be wearing them
    you have to feel sorry for them

    They will have vuvuzelas rammed up their japs eyes
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