Would there be 2 hard drives in a laptop?

    Hey folks,
    Ok i managed to get some of the files back on the HDD that was easily lifted out the back flap. There was only 10gb on there must be the bigger HDD inside, if I go and take the laptop apart will the HDD inside be the same as the one that I have now

    There was at last 160gb in the laptop and the HDD that i have only holds 10gb



    Doubtful. Only a very few, mostly Thinkpads/Toshiba Tecras and may some high end Gaming Laptops, are capable of taking 2 internal hard drives.

    Look at the label of the drive, what does it say it's capacity / model number is?

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    It's ok I found the other drive

    It was F: and E:


    It's ok I found the other drive :)It was F: and E:

    What laptop make/model do you have?

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    Presario HP mate

    It got fried due to a loose wire

    Not sure what you are going on about, it may help to explain your situation more, what make/model your laptop is, operating system, etc and how you are reading the disk after removing it.

    I'm guessing you had some hard disk corruption and want to recover your data though. I've not heard of many laptops having more than 1 hard disk, it is more likely the 1 hard disk in it is partitioned into 2 (or more) different drives. I wouldn't recommend taking your laptop apart, it is very likely you will break it and you will certainly void the warranty.

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    I have found the missing file


    I have found the missing file

    Well done. :thumbsup:

    Just another partition on the same drive then?


    Well done. :thumbsup:Just another partition on the same drive then?

    that exactly what i was about to say


    Was it a different partition and not a different hard drive?

    Some of the big HP laptops do have two physical drives.

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    Yeh it was a partition, one was E: which had 11gb and the other F: had 150gb
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