would they print a photo if someone is mooning on it? lol

    Embarrassing question but I have a really nice photo I want printed but some random guy is mooning in the background! Im obviously planning to cut that out of it but I was worried that if I sent my photos through photobox,snapfish, truprint etc they might not print all of them for that one photo?? any ideas?


    they're called lurkers and there are website with photos taken accidentally with lurkers lol.

    can you not upload your whole folder/album and then delete that one online, before ordering prints?

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    lol will have to check that out... I actually wanted the 'mooning' photo printed too thats my problem lol

    Just use the self service ones then you can print what you like!

    Couldn't you airbrush it out?

    A few years ago I used to work in the photo shop at asda, we would have printed it, it's not porn so they should print it

    Your cutting me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, Photobox will no problem :thumbsup:
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