Would this be the right cable to charge my playstation 3 controller?

    i just bought this cable,…JJK

    is it correct? and will it charge my ps3 controller ?


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    god knows,looks like it though.
    what made you think it was?

    Im not too sure...

    But i found this one for the same price and it will work...…294


    Yep mate thats the right one. You can charge it through the USB port of your PS3 or Computer/Laptop.

    I think it should be ok

    your one:

    a six axis charge cable:

    looks like the same thing to me - but only IMO, doesn't help how sketchy the amazon info is tho

    The PS3 Controller just has a mini-USB socket on it. Therefore, any USB to Mini-USB will do the job.

    Looks right but its bloody heavy isnt it? Boxed-product Weight: 454 g

    The image in the link you have bought seems wrong
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