Would this new set-up be compatible & worth it over my TV stero speakers?

    Was thinking about getting…BLK
    (incase I get sky in the future)
    My PS3

    To hook up together. They will all be going hdmi out into my receiver and that will be hdmi into my TV.

    1. Would this work?
    2. Would I get DS DTS or TRUE HD sound?
    3. What are the benefits of me buying reciever and plugging hdmi to my tv other than not getting receiver and using the optical out on ps3 and dvd player to hook up to TV, e.g better sound quality, quicker bitstream?

    I am a real noob equiring for some help so please guys all comments would be welcome.


    To start with if you bought the item from play it has a amplifier as part of the package so you dont need the amp from richer sounds.

    [SIZE=2]what would be the most you would want to spend?

    [/SIZE] [SIZE=3][SIZE=2]The Sony HTSF 1300 is what i would be spending my hard earned cash on.…oui
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