Would this tv be any good for watching football??

as above i was wondering would this tv be any good for watching football with a sky box connected ??


it would be ok. Nothing great. Do you have a skyHD box?

8ms responce time hmmm

I think the lower the responce time the less chance of getting blur with fast movements but i think you have to pay quite a bit more for a 5ms tv.

Not brilliant no. It's LCD with a slow response time as mentioned above.
I note the scart sockets do not indicate RGB enabled or that they would accept the 576i output from a standard sky box.
There are better ones about for the same amount of money.

I think you'd want to look at a set that has a good contrast ratio as the response time whilst watching tv won't make a huge difference, although the lower the better.

If you can find a tv that matches your budget and has 100Hz (Motion Flow depending on which manufacturer) then you'd be looking in the right direction as this would (should) help you get a much better image whilst watching football.

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cheers everyone for your help any one no a good lcd for £300/£400 just to hook up my sky box and watch footy, is the one from ebuyer or amazon that was on the site a few days ago any better (think it was the one on special for £269.99)
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