Would you buy from

    A member of the family has taken a shine to a jacket and have asked me to buy it on their behalf.

    Looking at the site something just doesnt sit right with me....

    Does this look like a reputable site? Theres something about it that doesnt look quite right.


    Appears that the domain name was registered in August 2016. The whois info gives the details of it being hidden by the ISP which is based in China. Have a look for yourself.

    Not been to the site myself but, from the whois, I would not buy from there.

    The fact that there isn't a direct phone number to contact them seems pretty worrying and the site has "uk" in the site name but the currency is in dollars, so I wouldn't trust it in my opinion

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    Thanks so much guys! I knew it was dodgy and held off. I got so far as adding an item to the basket. Thank goodness I didn't enter credit card details etc

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    You might want to check this from earlier today ... … You might want to check this from earlier today ...

    Crisis averted all round

    No because you might end up with fake done island gear
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