would you buy this:

    If it snows/is icy again this year and salt gets low again:
    a kit that would include a quality snow shovel-3kg of salt and metal scoop to spread salt for £15
    would you buy it?
    good business idea no?


    salt is like 1 or two quid from the supermarkets, I doubt a snow shovel or a plastic shovel is that expensive. seems OTT


    all my cars are 4wd and I can walk in snow without falling over like a tard so I wouldn't bother buying salt

    3KG of salt would just about do a driveway. Plus last year was a freak winter so they are very unlikely to run low again.

    And more to the point...........if you are snowed in or blocked by ice then who'd rather get out and go to work. lol


    no & no

    Supplies are already low around the country due to last years freak demands.

    Dishwasher salt is cheaper than household salt and combine it with cat litter and you have a winning formula
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