Would You Date Yourself?

    Well would you? If by some magic you had the chance to date yourself, would you do it?


    that is quite sick............

    manys the time people have told me to go f*** myself-so why not?:whistling:

    If you wouldnt date yourself i doubt anyone else would so yes....

    Original Poster


    that is quite sick............

    is it? Is that a reflection upon yourself or the bizarre question i asked?

    of course i would i'm great xxx

    I would as we have so much in common.

    i would, but im not a gay? i would if it was a woman form of me


    Oh yes, I am amazing!

    how far would you go on a first date with yourself?

    Hi sorry just thought i would say hi as my nails are drying lol

    Original Poster

    I wouldn't date myself, i would drive myself crazy!
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