Would you expect this to survive a trip through the Royal Mail.

I bought a sky box on 5th November from here and it didn't work when I tried it.
It was packed in the flimsey packaging shown below.
When I complained to the seller, he said he wanted the box back in case "I was just saying it doesn't work to get a free box".
So I posted the box back after adding more than enough packing, and guess what?
Seller reckons it hasn't turned up and won't refund any money and refuses to answer PMs.
I'm now £27.00 down on the deal.
I have since bought another box from fragaliciousbob and am very happy with this box and this seller.
It just goes to show, you don't know who you are dealing with on here.
I know the vast majority are good people.


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Name and Shame.

Phone him up or go around his house.

name and shame


The carpet that is.....the parcel looks fine to me :w00t:

Lol, nasty! Yeah i reckon the parcel would of been fine to be honest.

I must be having a few moments recently. I missed the 'sky' bit and thought you were literally talking only about the box.:w00t:
Sorry Phil, I don't know what you should do. Why don't you PM col?

The carpet looks not much worse than mine - at least it doesn't have threadbare bits like mine!!

On a slightly more specific note, didnt you post via DHL or something so that you would have proof of postage and delivery?

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SHOCKING.............!!!!!The carpet that is.....the parcel looks fine to … SHOCKING.............!!!!!The carpet that is.....the parcel looks fine to me :w00t:

I've had a new carpet on order, and paid for, for two years now.
Being a single parent, just haven't had time yet to empty the living room, 'cos fitters won't fit unless the room is totaly empty.
And I agree, the carpet is carp. :thumbsup:

packaging.....hmm...ive seen worse. it was prob never working in the first place.



SHOCKING.............!!!!!The carpet that is.....the parcel looks fine to … SHOCKING.............!!!!!The carpet that is.....the parcel looks fine to me :w00t:


yeah that packing sucks.

name and shape and dont forget the negative feedback if he/she dont pay up

you should always gain proof of posting.

maybe you can contact royal mail if it was lost or so which hardley happens,if the box was good when sold and when u tried the box it wasant working then i would assume the seller did receive the box but just denying it.

As he lied before so why not again,then again i could be wrong am just thinking like that

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I have proof of posting, wasn't going to pay for proof of delivery on a broken item.
It wasn't sent to me " Signed for " so I didn't do like wise.
Didn't expect it to be a problem.
I also have photos of it not working to show I am not making it up.

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He's ignored my last 5, 6 or 7 messages.
Mods wont be interested. It's nothing to do with them.
He is not exactly close to me.

Ive got 2 dogs, if you wanna send him a new parcel....


In that case, put on some rubber gloves, salvage yesterdays meals once … In that case, put on some rubber gloves, salvage yesterdays meals once evacuated, pop them in a box and mail them to him as an early Christmas present.At same time, get yourself a claim form from Royal Mail and claim something for lost post. At least you have proof of postage which should help you.Edit : Get Lulu's dogs to help you :thumbsup:


And one had sweetcorn today, so extra juicy for him

I assume you've still got his address?

Send him a turd in the post...!!!


I assume you've still got his address?Send him a turd in the post...!!!

Think that was said 1.5 hours ago lol!

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Well, I got my money back. Most of it anyway. I'm still down for the return postage but at least I got most of it back.

I got a PM while this post was active saying that he had been away for a week and hadn't logged into HUKD.
Now I checked his "Public Profile" every day and it showed him logged in every day, so he would have seen all my PMs I sent.
He also said that while he was away, the parcel turned up.
Wow, that is amazing, I posted it on the 15th November and it has taken all this time to turn up.
I do hate people trying to pull a fast one over me.
I'm normally a gentle placid bloke and will usually try and help people out, but when you get people like this, what do you do.
Thanks for everyones support.
I'm still considering Lulu's offer though. ( or should that be Lulu's dog )
I think the guy deserves it.
Thanks for listening.

why have you not got full amount?
shame hand fame the toss pot!!!
i hate people who try to play it clever am just like you i try to help people out in life and befair but when they rattle my cage then i dont give them a chance and thats whre alot people say i am wrong
but then it comes down you started the problem i will end it with a full blast whether you like it or not!!!
hope you get your money back in full

I'd reckon that that box would survive the royal mail's onslaught of abuse no problem. Small items will be flung around all over the place, but bigger boxes, it'd be unsafe if they were thrown around, so they'll be picked up and dropped off places by hand. I can't see any damage to the box. Did the Skybox rattle when you moved it? If so, there's probably a loose component caused by too much battering. Otherwise, it was either sent broken, or it's being used with a broken power cable or socket
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