Would you feel cheeky?

    I bought an exercise bike for 99p.

    Its collection only...

    Would you feel cheeky driving there and handing him a £1? Would you ask for change?


    I'd give them a pound and run...

    I would give them 99 1ps and say "count them"!!!!

    do you feel the need for a penny? LOL!!!

    i bought a massage chair off of ebay - that was £10 I think - was supposed to be £300 odd new and it looked as good as new. I did say I almost felt guity at only giving him a tenner for it but it didnt mean I was going to give him any more! We both laughed and he even helped me lift it into the car so he cant have minded that much

    He was probably only going to take it down the tip, so you have saved him money in petrol.

    i'm sure he was gutted inside

    for goodness sake, it's 1p not £100.

    I've just looked on ebay - there's quite a few go for 99p- so if he'd done his research he wouldn't have been very suprised! Just give him a pound and thank him.

    i bought a bike for 99p. i sent my dad he doesnt understand ebay lol so just paid a pound

    Original Poster

    lol, the fact of cheekiness wasnt for the 1p back

    its the fact that its only 99p - When he was probably expecting more

    did he put the price 99p? or did u bargain?

    if he's happy with 99p then he must be happy to get rid of it.

    I gave one away the other day, you got ripped off mate. I even helped put it in the car for the lady.

    I have had buyers before come to my door for stuff,it varies all time.
    Some have give me the exact amount,some have rounded it up,and then there was this guy who come for something.
    He was due about £1 and something change,and my Mum dealt with him at door and said do you want your change and he was like no. Then his misssus messaged me on ebay later that day and asked if I could give them their change back. I said my Mum did offer it,I bet he was in dog house. Anyway I sent him his change back minus cos of stamp by cheque. Even more odd,they never cashed the cheque!

    I'd haggle and ask for 3p since you saved them the delivery costs.

    I won a wicked bed on eBay for my daughter for £2.20!
    I guess it went so cheap as it didn't have a mattress and was quite big to load up, but we had a mattress anyway.

    OH didn't want to go and collect it because we won it so cheap - think I put in a bid of £31 or something.

    Anyways, he went to get it and ended up giving £3/4 odd that he had in his pocket, he felt so :oops: bless him! I was just like "why?" :giggle:

    I would give him the £1 and wouldnt ask for a penny change, i would die before that!!:oops::thumbsup:

    Once bought a subaru impreza sti exhaust for 99p :w00t: went to collect it and the guy basically took my £1 and threw the exhaust at me :x

    I would assume those people are not actually expecting to make any money at all. They are just looking to get rid of those items and then get positive feedback on ebay. If they really don't want to sell to you for so cheap, usually they have all kinds of excuses.
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