Would you fund any of these kickstarter ideas?

Found 26th Jul 2014
The video says it all.


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Kickstarter clearly need to review their terms of service/employ some MODs to enforce them.

hmm... I am feeling hungry all of a sudden, time for some pasta salad!

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Yes, it made me hungry too, so maybe a subliminal intent in it lol

Seen two today on kickstarter one was for you to pledge money for a person to throw £100 into the sea and the other was to pledge for someone to graffiti on a wall.

Kickstarter seems to have gone downhill a bit

Yep, really gone downhill.
Even if you forget the trolls, the serious projects are equally ridiculous. Theres some guy asking for money for equipment so he can make youtube videos. If their friends or family are not going to give them the small amount of money it takes to make a good enough HD video, then why the f*** would anyone else?

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches @ 2'49 in, listen to him rant!!

I kickstarted Broken Sword the serpents curse so was happy with that

I posted a game I liked from Kickstarter on misc and everyone thought I was the developer :s

It didn't reach its funding goal but has since been funded from elsewhere thankfully. Crowd funding for genuine projects is a great way to get some exposure at the very least, just needs to be a way to avoid/ignore the rubbish
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Go fund me is the same, full of people claiming they need a car and holiday to get some respite from caring for their kid with type 2 diabetes.
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