Would you pay £100 for a game?

Just read that Tony Hawks Ride will be sold for £100 (with skateboard peripheral) and is available for preorder from Game and other retailers.

I was wondering whether anyone would buy this game or if there is any game they would be prepared to pay £100 for?


no way

its got a skate board thing with it and game are getting a limited edition 1, ppl are willing to pay £120 for modern warefare and im sure ppl will buy DJ hero for £100 as well

I'm looking forward to DJ Hero with an almost unhealthy obsession but I wouldn't pay £100 for the package.


No I wouldnt pay £100. Although, I might be tempted at £99.99....

Well it sounds like a lot and personally I am not keen on tony hawks games so I wouldnt, but £100 is not out the question, I remember paying £70 for Turok on the release day of the N64 and that was just a game, nothing came with it!
Also like demolisher said mw2 is £120 with some night vision goggles & rock band in a box cost a fortune!
personally I think it all depends on if the skate board gadget will be able to be used with other games, if not I suspect it will be a major flop at that price! how can they justify £100 if Wii fit was £70, surley the skate board thing is just like a wii balance board?

all the best jake

i use to pay over £100 10+ years back for importing n64,snes,ps1,saturn games :), mind you i paid £1000 each for the ps1 and saturn also.

I would, if it was the greatest game ever!

Remember back in the day conkers bad fur day on N64 was 59.99!!!

Or imported fire pro wrestling on DC about 60!

Although rumours warfare 2 may be 49.99?

Ahhh humbug!

No No,no


......mind you i paid £1000 each for the ps1 and saturn also.

That's just..........silly

You must be one hardcore gamer.

if there were more compatible games announced and it was an outstanding game I may consider it.

can this only be played with the skateboard? can you use normal controllers?


Yep, corse.
I'd pay £100 now just for the normal version of Modern warfare 2 if I could get it tomorrow i'd pay 500 =)

I've spent like £350 just on a headset for my clan matches etc so yeah haha


That's just..........silly :)You must be one hardcore gamer.

well i wanted them a year before they came out here in the UK, also you may laugh but i also paid £250 for the starwars triology on lasedisc, they were the days, oh and my 1st dvd player was over 1K also, and to think you can get them for like £20 now hehe

not unless it was the next gta or hitman for me.

guys guys guys, 15 quid gets you a real skateboard :thumbsup: the youve got 85 left over to buy an older tony hawkes game :thumbsup:

It's not £100 for a game.

Ask people if they'd pay £70 for a game, and they'd say "No", but using your logic, they did for Wii Fit.
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