Would you purchase a house that had subsidence 20 years ago?

Posted 23rd Apr 2017
We are really annoyed, 1 week away from exchanging my solicitor just found paperwork showing the house we were buying had subsidence due to faulty drains 20 years ago... the sellers omitted to inform us of this....as they did not claim on insurance they were only required to morally....

They have instantly offered £10,000 off and to get a full builders survey done at their cost, but of course suddenly finding house insurance is a nightmare, the second you put house has suffered subsidence almost no one will insure it and those that will want £600+

My solicitor feels that is it not a big issue as we will get a structural certificate and £10K off. But obviously when/if we sell the property the second you mention subsidence most buyers won't touch it..... the house was not underpinned the drains were repaired....
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