Would you recommend a Toshiba laptop?

    hi, after ruling out Acers I'm now thinking about the Toshiba A200-27Z - It seems to have good memory and storage,decent processor and nice extras, do Toshiba laptops have a good reputation?



    Definately recommend them over Acer. I got an Acer and I personally find it total carp. The battery life is (and has always been) non existent, 10 minutes max.

    Neighbour has a Toshiba, battery life 1.5 hours.

    i have had a couple of toshiba laptops and they have been the best laptops ever.had the satelite pro p200-13z 17" it was the bomb but stood on it and well game over so i recently thanks to my insurance company they got me a toshiba equium a300-16d and its superb,looks good an has a good spec. well worthgetting.

    Of all the laptops ive had Toshiba has been the best by a mile, thats over an Acer (wouldnt take one for free) and 2 x Dell's which were both dreadful at picking up my wifi signal where as the Toshiba picked it up no problem

    i have a toshiba and my husband has an acer - i think mine is miles better

    i prefer toshiba to acer, so answer to OP - yes
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