Would you trust a new merchant without reviews at Amazon ?

Posted 11th Oct 2022
There is a very tempting offer for Three prepaid 30gb sim which works out at £3.64 per month till 28/02/2024, one off payment of £79.99
"Three Data Only Sim - Works out around £3.64 per month - 30GB Renewed Each Month - Pre-Paid from Now until 28.02.2024"
I am quite tempted!
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    Presumably it's safe since it's "fulfilled by Amazon"- they'll handle all customer service issues. A Chinese business called "chengdubeiyuangangdianzi" selling UK SIMs seems a bit odd though...
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    Hmmm! Just read further down " Brand
    Scancom", not best favoured by HUKD!
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    40gb one is cheaper @ £59.99 (edited)
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    Yes, it is but sold by Scancom Distributors!
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    Scancom seems more legit than the chinese one - Scancom
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    people trusted me as a newbie, and they were right too
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    I'm keeping a prepaid Three data SIM in my work-only phone from Scancom (scancom.co.uk). Been using it on and off since mid 2022. It cannot make calls but receives calls/texts which can be handy for 2FA type things. The 40GB/month data is my backup for when the usual home internet is down. My SIM expires in 2024. Three data is consistently fast at home. I had a tech issue when I tried it in an ancient 4G router and got a proper response from Scancom. So that's my mini long term review. Their site is a little tricky to search for an ideal deal, try 'sim' then play with the filters. (edited)
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