would you wear these trainers????



    that would be a NO.

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    Wow there are so many cool things out there

    hell yeah!!!!!!! How cool would i look!!!!!!! -:)

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    I liked the idea of the ones that adjusted their fit according to whether you were walking or jogging


    I own the Nike Plus trainers and they are AMAZING.

    can imagine the airport machines going nuts when you put them on the xray machine!

    Whatever next... a USB toaster

    I got the nike + the system is very good and was comtemplating gettting the adiads 1 shoes but gotta get the NES shoe

    I've actually got those addidas trainers, bought them when i was over in NY last year. You can adjust how hard of soft the sole is or you can set it on automatic and they adjust themselves. They are actually quite cool!
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