Would your hot dog wear this?

    Just noticed this on DealExtreme (see pic). I wonder how many they will sell?


    i wouldent even put it on a sausage roll lol

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    i wouldent even put it on a sausage roll lol

    Not even a sausage dog? :-D

    mmm! the missus better not see this-she already bought the dalmation a jumper and bobble hat for xmas!

    I wouldn't even put it on the BBQ!

    Don't think my Staffies would let me put it on them! :w00t:

    my sisters dog wears allsorts from hoody jumpers to lovely knitted designs with rather gory snowflake designs,he has rain macs and baseball caps,it dont arf look daft lol

    what about a pair of hygienic panty for females?? Also compatible with Gameboy Color :-D


    pmsl @ whole range just plain crazy


    But my dog would wear this…ed/

    far better than the other tat
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