Wouldn't a Kinder Bueno McFlury be the best ever.

    Random thread but just got me thinking would it not be the best ever McFlury?

    Kinder Bueno is the best chocolate out there but combine it with McFlury................bang.

    Something epic is created.

    Would do people think?

    Great McFlury idea right?

    Mighty Mugger...................On a mission to make a Kinder Bueno McFlury.



    Of course


    kinder choloate?


    Toffee crisp

    Benson's Bargain;7214533

    Toffee crisp

    oh yes!




    It would be glorious!! I had a fererro rocher ice cream when in Spain once= amazing!!!!!!!!

    I eat the bits out of the mcflurry then give the ice cream to the daughter lol

    Original Poster

    Fererro Rocher McFlury would be badass.

    im pretty sue they had bueno ice cream when i went to rome, aswel as ferrero roche, nutella, and many others, in fact there was actually over 100 different ice creams to choose from(well about 10 were sorbet/frozen yoghurt) it was epic

    Hell Yeahhhhhh

    i'd go for wispa everytime..

    and i don't like mcflurry's anyhow..
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